How can I Pay for a database?
The process to purchase a database is entirely conducted online. We work with a secure payment processor gateway to handle the payments. We accept the most common types of payment such as Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), Paypal and other country-specific methods such as IDEAL, Giropay, Sofort Banking or Mister Cash. Bank Transfer is accepted on a per case basis: if you wish to pay via wire or SEPA transfer, please reach us using our contact form.
Is the database updated?
Yes. We make regular updates on our databases every 1 to 2 months. If you are trying to refresh your purchased database with us, we advise you to do so every 6 months to allow for significant data changes
Where do you grab the databases from?
We build the databases from scratch. We have an internal process and technology that allows us to consistently grab newly registered companies while removing companies that were shutdown. This technology is proprietary and the details of this process are private.*the e-mails from the lists that we offer are consensually acquired*
How to download the databases?
As soon as your payment is processed the database is immediately available for you to download. You not only get an e-mail with a link to download all the files but you also have access to your purchased products through the “My Account” area
Why are your prices lower when compared with other websites?
We supply databases since 2005. This vast experience made us capable enough to handle large quantities of data with ease, lowering our operating costs. Other websites might try to sell you a database charging 1$ per user or a similar fee. This way a 300.000 companies database would cost 300.000$, which is an amount unnafordable for companies like yours. We consider it being over-priced. Our returning customers are a good evidence of how good are our databases. 7 in every 10 customers return and purchase another or an updated database from us.
Can you provide a sample of the database?
All the products come with a sample: visit a product page and then click in the “Download Sample” button. A .xlsx (excel) file will be downloaded.
In which file formats come the databases?
Databases are delivered in Excel type of files packaged in .ZIP ones. To use this files you only need to have Microsoft Office 2003 or later.
Are your databases clean?
Cleaning is a process where invalid values and company details are removed from the databases. It also consists on removing companies whose e-mails get bounced-back. A Good e-mail marketing campaign must have low bounce-rates and we are definitely aware of it. We work hard to supply you with the most clean and fresh company databases by conducting a cleaning process every month.
Do you sell B2C databases?
Currently we only sell B2B databases (Business to Business). We don’t have any opt-ins for B2C (Business to Customer) data.
I need to make e-mail marketing campaigns. Can you make it for me??
If you need us to send the e-mails for you, get in touch with our sister company: Email Service Provider.
Where are you based from?
Our team is spread across 2 main locations. Our headquarters are in Alicante, Spain but we also have an operation center in Lisbon, Portugal.